Deployment of the CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) telescope

This year, in collaboration with the french CEA, Verre Industrie is supplying hexagonal machined glass for the production of the mirrors of the 110 telescopes from 4 to 23 m in diameter for the CTA project.

We were selected for our ability to perform high-precision machining in a reproducible way.

The CTA is the world’s first observatory dedicated to the study of very high energy gamma rays.

In 2023 Verre Industrie celebrates its 70th anniversary!

From Pyrex® to Borofloat®.


Since the mid-1960s, Verre Industrie has been processing borosilicate glass, originally under the Pyrex® brand and now under the Borofloat® name.

Today, it is used in particular in pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, the construction of furnaces, aeronautics or optics.

Borofloat® has a low coefficient of expansion.

It is distinguished by excellent resistance

– thermal (up to 500°)

– mechanical

– chemical attacks.

Practically without absorption in the visible spectrum (T>90%) and the infrared, Borofloat® has a very high level of transparency and remains practically colorless.

Verre Industrie does process Borofloat® in all its forms and in all common thicknesses. 



Sustained activity in railway

Casablanca, Paris, Frankfurt, Oslo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Auckland, Caen, Lyon are all cities for which Verre Industrie currently manufactures glass for tram, metro and suburban train projects.

A fine sign of the dynamism of the European railway industry where Verre Industrie has made a special place for itself. 


Camera protection glass: the most complete offer on the market

Monitor without being seen, be visible to deter or have the best vision to ensure the safety of passengers. Monitoring and control equipment respond to different issues and become more complex.

The protective glasses of cameras are an essential element and must offer optical, mechanical or even thermal performance.

 Verre Industrie meets all the demands thanks to a range of adapted glasses and to complete processing possibilities.

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In 2023 Verre Industrie celebrates its 70th anniversary!

When it was created in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, Verre Industrie specialized in cutting glass discs for Jaz alarm clocks as its first major customer.
It quickly develops a clientele in need of small glass parts, extending its know-how in the shaping of all types of glass.
Current productions are more diversified but the DNA of Verre Industrie in 2023 remains the manufacture of small parts in technical glass.

Glass makes its mark on aircraft interiors

Our partner Vision Systems has entrusted us with the manufacture of several hundred thin glasses X-Lite for dimmable windows to be fitted in series in Daher TBM 960 aircraft.

This success rewards the joint efforts of recent years including the creation several prototypes before the launch in production.

 It shows there is a bright future for these products in commercial and private aviation.

 Thank you to our client for their trust and thank you to our teams for their performance.