Two examples of glass to optimize your lighting

Glass with anti-reflective coating enables you to gain up to 8% transmission without replacing your light source. This solution is particularly relevant for spotlights and recessed ceiling lights. The reduction in thickness (from 3mm to 1.6 or 2mm), combined with chemical strengthening will enable you to reduce weight while improving glass impact resistance. At your service for your new projects. …

Gorilla Glass 3: What is it?

Corning Gorilla® Glass 3 is a thin aluminosilicate glass designed to withstand the daily stresses that can cause glass to break. Its composition has been optimized to improve its resistance to impacts and scratches. Chemical strengthening gives Gorilla® Glass 3 superior qualities to most other chemically reinforced glass, making it more durable and more resistant to damage. Verre Industrie is …

VerreIndustrie present in the new MP14 Paris Métro

The Métro company in Paris will progressively put new cars in service . Verre Industrie has been chosen for the voussoir glasses and made significant investments to meet the demand.  

Glasses for access control systems

  The context of the virus crisis encourages many companies to secure access (train stations, airports, company entrance, etc.) with control equipment. Verre Industrie manufactures glasses for access doors, for contactless validators, for barcode reader, for cameras and all other technical glass parts. Discover our thematic file :     

A promising start

The order backlog points to a positive start to the year. Thank you to our customers for their renewed confidence. In January, we extended the production timeslot to meet demand. Let us know your forecasts and orders as soon as possible in order to best meet your needs.     

Thinner, lighter and stronger protective glasses.

The combination of chemical strengthening and lamination enables us to offer high-performance glass : -High impact resistance -Optimized weight -Reduced thickness   The most complete range of thin glass on the market: Float, Borofloat®, Xensation®, Falcon, Gorilla®. We have a solution for each project.     

2020 review

Despite a decline in activity due to COVID-19, we are satisfied we’ve been able to preserve the jobs and industrial capacity of Verre Industrie. We are therefore in the best position to meet all your needs and projects in 2021.