Successful renewal of ISO 9001-V2015 certification

We passed our ISO 9001-V2015 renewal audit in July, led by Erwan our new Quality Manager. We would like to thank all our teams for their daily involvement in meeting the requirements of these standards.

Welcome Erwan

Our new Quality Manager joined us mid-June. His experience acquired in the world of industry will allow us to continue to develop our quality approach.  

Verre Industrie is everywhere

In France, Verre Industrie is the leader of glass machining from small to middle sizes and is able to provide from easy to very complex and specific pieces thanks to its savoir-faire and a great complementarity of its production equipment. Discover our file  

Trocadéro – Eiffel Tower public lighting renovation project

Verre Industrie was chosen to manufacture and renovate the balls on the public lighting masts around the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This operation requires the identical remanufacturing of the cast glassware, including the supply of blanks, machining, chemical strengthening and assembly of the two half-spheres by Verre Industrie. This prestigious project will start as early as this summer and will …