Happy New Year 2020

Thank you for your confidence in 2019. Only one goes faster, together we will go further. By 2020, our combined energies will enable us to achieve even greater success for our joint projects. We wish you an excellent year   https://verreindustrie.fr/

Discover our newsletter -> PROTECTION GLASSES FOR CAMERAS

Monitor without being seen, be visible to deter or have the best vision to ensure the safety of passengers. Monitoring and control equipment respond to different issues and become more complex. The protective glasses of cameras are an essential element and must offer optical, mechanical or even thermal performance.   Verre Industrie meets all the demands thanks to a range …

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas, the time for a well-deserved break has arrived. We wish you a wonderful holiday with your family.    https://verreindustrie.fr/

Glass for recessed lighting

We support you in all your interior and exterior lighting projects: choice of glass and its finish and realization of all shapes on request.    https://verreindustrie.fr/

Verre Industrie opens to the work-study contract

To strengthen the “Purchasing and Procurement” division, Nicolas joined us a few weeks ago on a work-study contract. He will be responsible for monitoring procurement lead times.   https://verreindustrie.fr/