Restarting MCM processing facilities

After several weeks of work, the new processing facilities are operational, we now have doubled capacity and are at your service for all your metallization and thin layer deposition projects.  

Verre Industrie at the service of its colleagues

As you know, Verre Industrie occupies and cultivates a particular position in the world of glass processors: we work with all types of glass, from the simplest to the most technical, and supply small and medium-sized parts. To develop your business, entrust us with what you are not able to do. We offer all glass processors subcontracting capabilities in thermal …

Visit to our partner EcoGlass

Following the acquisition of the Corning-Sovis airport lighting business, we visited our moulded glass supplier EcoGlass. After a visit to the production workshop, we were able to discuss the current business and the development of our moulded glass offer for Verre Industrie and MCM customers.

Discover our newsletter -> Production history : anti-reflective glass

The anti-reflective coating for perfect transparency. Discover the characteristics and all the possibilities of use of this glass which changes your vision.

2 new machining centers at Verre Industrie

To meet growing demand, Verre Industrie is acquiring 2 additional machining centers, which will increase our production capacity and improve our delivery times.   With 11 machining centers, Verre Industrie now has the largest glass machining capacity in France.

Verre Industrie is everywhere, even in your elevator

For elevator cabin equipment, we supply protective glass for information screens, signaling covering glass, buttons and lighting protective glass. We remain attentive to your needs.   

Protective glasses for LED headlights and lanterns in the railway sector

We are currently responding to a rapidly growing need in both original equipment and retrofit. Verre Industrie supplies machined glasses in simple or elaborate shapes, with or without heating function for the protection of these headlights. On request, these glasses can be tested by impact and gravelling tests.   Entrust us with your projects.

Thin glass & chemical strengthening

Chemical strengthening enables to reinforce thin glass, to obtain very strong performance and incomparable mechanical strength. Our  chemical strengthening furnace can harden parts up to 2200 x 1300mm.

Customised glass solutions for interactive kiosks

In the field of control and information kiosks, functionalities are increasing with the installation of barcode readers, QR codes, RFID antennas, cameras etc… Verre Industrie meets the specific requirements of each function with glass that combines coatings (anti-reflective, hydrophobic, etc.), screen printing and specific machining. Entrust us with your projects.