New preparation room for glass lamination

To meet the growing needs for laminated and tempered laminated glass, we have built a new preparation room in a controlled environment. This equipment is essential for optimal conservation of PVB and EVA and for bubble-free and dust-free assembly.    

Verre Industrie solutions for High performance PPE

Verre Industrie supplies glasses for high reflecting visors for firefighters’ helmets on oil and gas sites. The glasses are curved, laminated, chemically tempered and have an infrared reflecting gold layer.  

Gorilla® Glass 3: What is it ?

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 is a thin aluminosilicate glass designed to withstand the daily stresses that can cause glass to break. Its composition has been optimized to improve its resistance to impacts and scratches. Chemical strengthening gives Gorilla® Glass 3 superior qualities to most other chemically reinforced glass, making it more durable and more resistant to damage. Verre Industrie is …

Tensions on glass supplies: Verre Industrie’s situation

We have sufficient stock in all current references, but we are facing a very significant price increase. On special products, lead times can be extended by several weeks. Think about anticipating your needs.    

Visit to INTER AIRPORT 2021

The INTER AIRPORT airport equipment fair takes place in MUNICH from November 9 to 12, 2021. This is an opportunity for us to visit our customers and prospects. From access control to passenger information and airfield lighting, so many sectors in which Verre Industrie brings you its expertise.    

Realization of a prestigious lighting project in London

Verre Industrie supplied extra clear laminated glass discs for suspensions in a luxury hotel in London. We were able to respond within particularly tight deadlines while ensuring the level of quality required by this project.    

Welcome to Nadine, our new screen printer

A new member of staff has joined the screen printing team. The team is now complete to increase our production capacity of glass parts with ceramic or epoxy screen printing.