Touch panel + screen assembly and EMI shielding.

For medical and military applications, Verre Industrie supplies shielded glass with MESH or ITO. On request, we carry out the complete assembly with the touch screen and the peripheral mechanical elements, ensuring the EMI shielding of the whole.    

Workstation arrangement for a disabled person

Verre Industrie relied on the advice of Laurent El Médioni, ergonomist and CEO of Ergo Synergie, to keep a disabled employee working in a quality control position. The intervention of Ergo Synergie concerned the material aspect of the workstation, but also the organization of the activity in its wider environment (collective work, brightness, flow of materials, schedules, etc.). In addition …

Verre Industrie proud to join the French Fab

The ambitions of the French Fab: – Accelerate the transformation of industry in France by disseminating the concepts and technologies of the Industry of the Future. – Network the energies of French industrial players. – Give visibility and pride to the players who make up French industry on a daily basis, to French industrial excellence, in France and abroad. – …

Summer vacations 2021 Verre Industrie

Verre Industrie will be closed from August 9th to 20th included. This year, we have reduced the summer closure to two weeks in order to better serve you. Thank you in advance for your needs and forecasts.  

Verre Industrie, partner of the European photovoltaic industry

In addition to standard photovoltaic panels produced in Asia, Europe has been able to develop a custom panel industry. Verre Industrie collaborates with manufacturers and research centers and supplies thin substrates and conductive glasses intended for the deposition of layers as well as anti-reflection glasses    

Newsletter: Glass mirrors

Thanks to our newsletter, discover our know-how in the field of mirrors:   – What is a glass mirror? – The different types of mirrors on glass – The possibilities for transformation – Applications    

Communication, the key for a good relationship between services

Following the implementation of a plan to improve the organization between administrative, support and production services, a barbecue concluded under the sun and in a friendly atmosphere the deployment of these actions.