Verre Industrie: quality at the heart of production

For 2021, our non-compliance rate should be less than 1% of the parts produced. We ended the year with a rate of 0.953% on a production of 322,750 parts (up 16% compared to 2020). Thank you to all of our employees for their constant and collective involvement.   

VICIT Glass available again

This 4mm thick monolithic glass intended to protect  information screens and surveillance cameras, has a conductive side (for EMI shielding or for heating) and an anti-reflective side to improve reading comfort. VICIT glass was developed by Verre Industrie to meet a specific market need. What about yours ?     

Verre Industrie: a diversified offer for all your lighting projects

These glasses are produced on demand including: -machined step -diffusing effect -silk-screening -sandblasting -anti-slip coating, -anti-reflective and dichroic coating.   In flat, curved, molded glass, for applications in public lighting, interior fittings, aeronautics, railways, or explosion-proof lightings.   Entrust us with your projects.   

2022 proclaimed “Year of Glass” by the UN General Assembly

The resolution entitled “2022, International Year of Glass” emphasizes the ecological virtues of glass, and its vocation to replace plastics. Spain, which presented the text, promoted its architectural and technological virtues, and the fact that this material can be recycled endlessly. She called the current period the “Glass Age”, with its many modern applications, such as in the manufacture of …

A new success for the LSVID anti-glare glass

Chosen to protect the passenger information screens of Alstom’s Citadis Tramway, Verre Industrie’s LSVID glass has become the reference for this type of application. It significantly improves reading comfort with excellent value for money. A sample is available on request.    

A breakthrough on chemical strengthened anti-reflective glass.

Up to now, Verre Industrie only offered chemically strengthened glass with anti-reflective treatment on one side. Today the progress made in anti-reflective coatings allows us to offer chemical strengthening on anti-reflective glasses treated on both sides.  

Long live Made in France !

The high increase in transport costs and supply disruptions from Asia are calling into question the sourcing of certain components and may justify relocating their production to France. For your glass parts, we remind you that our production is “Made in France”, the guarantee of quality glass in a controlled environment.