In France, Verre Industrie is the leader of glass machining from small to middle sizes and is able to provide from easy to very complex and specific pieces thanks to its savoir-faire and a great complementarity of its production equipment.
We are specialists of NC cutting, NC machining, profile grinding, enamel and organic printing, sandblasting, curving, lamination with PVB and EVA, thermal toughening (from 2.8 mm thickness), chemical strengthening, components assembly, OCA-lamination, optical bonding.
Technical specification files will be sent to you on your request.


Soda-lime glass

Clear and extra-clear
Thin and ultra-thin glass
Patterned glass
Colour glass
Sandblasted glass
Acid etched glass
Colour filters for lighting

Glass for electronics

Multilayer anti-reflective coating
Anti-glare, non-glare
Conductive glass (ITO, standard mesh, Micromesh)
Semi-reflective glass

Optical glass

Kopp filters
Schott filters
Optical miror

Borosilicate glass

Any kind of thickness
from 0.7mm to 60mm

Thin & aluminosilicate glass

Thin float glass
Falcon glass
Gorilla® Glass


Fused silica/quartz

Any kind of thickness, flat, rods and tubes

Glass ceramic

Glass beads and microbeads

Any other types of glass on demand