Glass is a key component for electronics. Verre Industrie is specialized in the construction and production of protection glasses for displays, substrate for touch applications, and protection glasses for video surveillance systems. Based on your technical requirements and conditions of use, we protect your products and their users.

We provide:

• Wide range of glass for casual and specific use
• Support from prototype to mass production
• Complementary client’s component assembly

We have adapted solutions for:

• Vandalism protection through thermal and chemical toughening or lamination
• EMI-shielding through highly efficient mesh or ITO glass
• Optical performance improvement through anti-reflective, anti-glare or non-glare glass, as well as through optical bonding
• Heating up the glass and protect your screen in case of cold conditions
• Protecting against heat and improve sunlight readability
• NC-machining of complex forms and thin glass
• Design optimizing through mastery of printing


Verre Industrie has a complete range of glasses available, and is able to deliver pieces for all current display sizes in all environments.
The application scope is many and varied: display for industrial applications, for transportation, medical, military systems, for points of sales or for urban environment.


Verre Industrie produces protection glasses for surveillance systems and cameras: semi-reflective glasses for surveillance cameras, protection glasses for surveillance displays and air-traffic control


Glass is a noble, time-resistant and hygienic material. That’s the reason why more and more touch systems use a glass interface nowadays. Verre Industrie does produce glasses on customer design for all of these devices.
There’s a lot of applications for HMI: home automation, membrane keyboards, touch systems for medical, transport or industrial applications, information touch devices, access control devices etc…


On customer’s demand, we carry on additional assembly work : adhesives, assembly of free issued components, glass lamination (OCA or optical bonding), touch film lamination, glass/display assembly (through adhesive or optical bonding).
Our goal is to offer an easy to build kit to our customers, to minimize glass handling and risks of damage.

Thin glass, a new way to see glass

The new generation of soda-lime and aluminosilicate glasses offers through chemical strengthening both very high impact resistance and astonishing bending strength. Chemical strengthening enables to reinforce very thin glasses through an ion exchange to achieve very strong performance and incomparable mechanical strength.
Verre Industrie masters machining of thin glass, chemical strengthening and printing offering a light and incredibly tough product to be used in the most demanding environments.


Verre Industrie is technical partner and exclusive reseller of Optical Filters in France and Benelux, a company specialized in EMI-shielding and optical bonding. We offer:
• EMI-shielding solutions in ITO and mesh technology depending on the requested shielding effectiveness.
• Glass to glass and glass to display assembly through optical bonding until 26 inches diagonal.