In the railway industry, Verre Industrie is partner for technical and decorative glass pieces from prototype to mass production.

We are qualified for railway industry standards: NF31129, NF31250, STM059.
We test our products in our own facility as well as with external partners.

We make glass for:
• Onboard computers and driving systems
• Passengers information systems
• Control keyboards
• Video surveillance systems
• Lightning
• Pressure gauge and hydraulic systems

• Video surveillance cameras
• Security window
• Shelfs and luggage rack
• Decorative and deviding walls
• Voussoir
• Safety and/or laminated mirror


In complement of big glass processors specialized in windscreen and side windows, Verre Industrie provides glass for:

• Dashboard
• Drive systems
• Passengers information systems
• Passengers access controls
• Video surveillance systems
• Decorative and divinding walls
• Rear-view mirrors
• Ticket machines and punchers

We are qualified by the UTAC for 43R00 standard


Historical dealer for great aeronautical companies, Verre Industrie provides glass for:

• Cockpit and hold lighting
• Headlamps
• Outdoor marking
• Avionic displays
• NVIS lighting’s cockpit filters
• Indicators and gauge level
• Sunscreen protection (cockpit and passenger area)
• Video cameras


Verre Industrie develops and produces glass for ground equipments according to your specifications:

• Passenger information systems
• Ticket machines and punchers
• PMR terminal
• Passengers access controls
• Video surveillance systems
• Outdoor marking equipments
• Lighting
• and many more…