Extension of qualification 43-R

Already qualified in class 3 & 4 (th. > 4.5 mm), Verre Industrie extends its approval to thicknesses from 3.5 to 4.5 mm (class 2) for all rolling vehicle glazing (except windscreens). Home

Glass for safe delimiter

Verre Industrie offers you all types of tempered glass delimiter plates for the security and safe market. https://verreindustrie.fr

Glass Industry eco-responsible company

In addition to the residue of glass, which is recycled to be remelted (80 tonnes in 2018), we apply an ecological policy at all levels: – LED lighting and skylights – control of water consumption (-50% in 10 years) – reuse of paper and wood for packaging https://verreindustrie.fr

Renovation of the Saint Lazare station (Paris)

Verre Industrie is major partner of the access control supplier for all glasses (doors, camera glass, display glass etc…). With this new success, we confirm that we are the ideal partner for access control glasses. https://verreindustrie.fr

Sample bag: Verre Industrie

To make your glass choice easier for your new projects, we have samples of our entire range. Available on request. https://verreindustrie.fr