Interior train doors: the chemically toughened laminated glass solution

For interior train doors requiring a high level of security, chemically toughened laminated glass helps to limit weight while offering optimized impact resistance. Verre Industrie was selected for two railway projects by a major European manufacturer.  

Technical glasses for aeronautics

Turbines and on-board equipment containing fluids require small windows and gauges that are resistant to chemical agents, scratches, pressure and temperature. Verre Industrie produces many variants in borofloat or silica machined with great precision.

Verre Industrie selected for the Citadis Casablanca project

Based on its experience in the manufacture of headlight lenses for the railway industry, Verre Industrie will supply tempered curved lenses to equip the 66 trams that will soon be running in Casablanca. The recent installation of a new bending furnace gives us increased capacity for this type of product.   Entrust us with your projects.  

Borofloat: a qualitative and economical solution

For your developments with thermal constraints (resistance > 150°C) and/or optical constraints (good transmission in the near infrared), borofloat is a qualitative and economical solution. Verre Industrie is able to provide additional treatments (tempering, anti-reflective, hydrophobic, oleophobic, dichroic, etc.).  

How to control a glass ?

On many industrial products, glass is often the first visible component and a defect immediately alters its overall image. It is important that the conditions and criteria for controlling a glass are precisely and objectively defined. In addition to dimensional checks and quality control of tempering, Verre industrie has defined procedures how to check cosmetic aspect of glasses.   Click …

Gorilla Glass 3: What is it?

Corning Gorilla® Glass 3 is a thin aluminosilicate glass designed to withstand the daily stresses that can cause glass to break. Its composition has been optimized to improve its resistance to impacts and scratches.  Chemical strengthening gives Gorilla® Glass 3 superior qualities to most other chemically reinforced glass, making it more durable and more resistant to damage. Verre Industrie is …

Why choose glass over plastic?

“Glass is essential to many vital technologies, facilitates the transition to a more sustainable world and beautifies our lives.” (UN 2022) It is a mineral product, environmentally friendly and infinitely recyclable. It does not yellow or warp. Its thermal, scratch and fire resistance properties are far superior to those of plastic. Its luxurious and noble character is inspiring for both …

New organization for better quality

As the size of glasses to be screen-printed is continuously increasing and to improve the ergonomics of workstations, Verre Industrie has reorganized its screen-printing room. These optimizations are part of our continuous improvement actions within the ISO 9001 quality approach.