Newsletter: Curved glass

  The bending technique involves placing a flat glass on a mold and heating it slowly and evenly to reach its softening point. The glass then collapses on the mold and follows its shape. Slow annealing after bending eliminates stress. Discover our newsletter      

Laminated glass: the safety advantage

  The need for laminated and laminated safety glass is increasing.  We have extended our production capacity to 3 laminating cells with following capability : – minimum thickness: 1+1 mm – size of pieces: from a few mm to aprox 2500 X 1250 mm – PVB and EVA interlayer – laminated , hardened laminated safety (thermally toughened and chemically strengthened). …

Verre Industrie, an eco-responsible company

Thanks to selective sorting at all stages of production, Verre Industrie will this year reinject 70 tons of glass into the recycled glass circuit. We have also definitely replaced polystyrene by carton and wood in our packaging.  

Automatic archiving of thermal toughening quality control

  As part of the continuous improvement of our processes and in order to ensure full traceability of the quality of our thermal toughening, Verre Industrie has developed a fragmentation control bench with automatic archiving per batch.  

Gorilla® Glass now available in France

  Verre Industrie is proud to announce that it has been chosen by Corning® as distributor and processor for Gorilla® Glass. We have in stock the thicknesses 0.7, 1.1 and 1.5 mm and are already able to deliver processed glasses.    

Glass : an effective complement to barrier measures

The persistence of COVID prompts us to strengthen physical protection measures. Verre Industrie reminds you that only glass is correctly resistant to all chemical disinfection agents and thus guarantees effective protection. Whether for devices, equipment or premises, we are at your disposal to study all protection solutions together.