Thin glass & chemical strengthening

Chemical strengthening enables to reinforce thin glass, to obtain very strong performance and incomparable mechanical strength. Our  chemical strengthening furnace, in service since the end of 2019, can harden parts up to 2200 x 1300mm.    

Always thinner, always bigger

Verre Industrie has developed an exclusive know-how for the machining of thin glass (>0.55mm) in large size (<3m2).    

Verre Industrie solutions for High performance PPE

Verre Industrie supplies glasses for high reflecting visors for firefighters’ helmets on oil and gas sites. The glasses are curved, laminated, chemically tempered and have an infrared reflecting gold layer.  

Verre Industrie’s Sales Administration Service at your disposal

  Anna and Mélanie are your usual contacts for processing your requests and orders. Anna is in charge of the lighting and aeronautics activities and Mélanie manages the electronic and rail activities. A motivated team, always at your service with a nice smile.     

Glass in all shapes: glass tube

In addition to flat glasses, Verre Industrie offers soda-lime, borosilicate and silica / quartz glass tubes in all common diameters and thicknesses. We cut to length and shape the ends   

Preservation of the ecosystem of a site with red light

FRENCH LIGHT carried out the lighting of the night tour of Fort de Champigny in the town of Chennevières sur Marne. The red light was chosen so as not to disturb the night life of the various animal species present on the site. Verre Industrie is participating in this project by supplying Fred & Fred lenses specially machined to fit …