New alliance with a new partner: Cevians.

New alliance with a new partner: Cevians. Verre industrie is distributing and processing optical filters for avionics equipment. This new partnership is complementary to our range of Schott and Kopp filters.

How to improve the sunlight readability of a screen?

Optical Bonding consists in injecting on an optical resin that fills the air gap between the screen and the protective glass and thus avoids refraction of light. Verre Industrie offers also anti-reflection and anti-infrared filters.

Aeronautical lighting glass

How to combine glass moulding with large tolerances and precise mechanical adjustment requirement. Verre Industrie has the solution: partnerships with moulders specialized in small quantities and know-how of machining of shaped glasses.

New glass solutions for LED lightings

LED lighting is a must in the railway industry, but creates new constraints. Verre Industrie developed own solutions, including de-icing glass. A real answer in a tough environment.

Thin glass & chemical strengthening

Chemical strengthening enables to reinforce thin glass, to obtain very strong performance and incomparable mechanical strength. A new way to see glass. Video on Youtube :