Touch panel & EMI shielding protection

In environments with strong electromagnetic radiation, touch screen can be disturbed. Verre Industrie offers solutions to shield touch screens without altering their function. Let’s talk about your next project.

Growth target perfectly met

The 3-year growth target of 33% has been exceeded. This performance enabled Verre Industrie to acquire an additional building and to invest in new production equipment.

Verre Industrie offers two types of screen printing

Enamel silkscreening is unalterable because the ink is vitrified at 650°C by glass tempering. Epoxy (or bi-component) silkscreening enables for a greater number of colours as well as an excellent sharpness of the design.


Thanks to a very large stock of raw material, Verre Industrie is able to answer any size and thickness you may need. Depending on your thermal and mechanical needs we lead you to the glass type that fits to your requirement, and we certify its pressure resistance.