How to control a glass ?

On many industrial products, glass is often the first visible component and a defect immediately alters its overall image. It is important that the conditions and criteria for controlling a glass are precisely and objectively defined, as the requirements may vary depending on its use, size or marketing positioning. In addition to dimensional checks and quality control of tempering, Verre …

Ball impact test: the guarantee of the conformity of our glasses

  We are equipped with a test bench and perform ball impact tests as part of the standard requirements (NF F 31.129, NF F 31.250 …).   Verre Industrie offers a performance check service to the IK index (according to EN 50 102).  

Improvement of passenger information systems at SNCF.

Very large screens (75 ’’) will soon be installed in SNCF stations. Verre Industrie, partner for the supply of anti-reflective glasses, has technically adapted to these new dimensions.  

Summer Holidays 2020 Verre Industrie

Verre Industrie will be closed from 3rd to 21rst of August. In order to ensure the continuity of your production, please let us know your needs and forecasts.  

Thin glass machining : the dynamic Verre Industrie

Two of its 9 machining centres are now dedicated to the machining of thin soda-lime, borosilicate or alumino-silicate glass from 0.55mm thick. From the smallest size (5 x 5 mm) up to 2sqm. Verre Industrie has also the largest chemical strengthening capacity in France and an integrated screen printing workshop.    

A wide offer for all projects

Apart from the historical fields of Verre Industrie (electronics, transport, lighting and sight glasses), we are present in many other sectors: medical, special machines, military, protection equipment, architecture and decoration, prototyping, scientific research… With Verre Industrie, your ideas become reality.    

Verre Industrie contributes in the fight against COVID 19

For a few weeks now, Verre Industrie has been supplying the doors of an oven for the sterilization of potentially contaminated objects. Verre Industrie has been able to meet very technical specifications. The production of prototype parts and the first series were made in an ultra-short time thanks to a strong mobilization of means.