A range of glass suitable for all levels of requirement Thanks to a very large range of glass and proven expertise, Verre Industrie meets all the demands, even very technique in all part size.

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The anti-reflective coating for perfect transparency. Technological progress now allows transmission rates of up to 99.5%. We are an approved processor of the leading manufacturers of anti-reflective glass.

Compilation summer 2019

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Verre Industrie and the Dubai World Expo 2020

Verre Industrie strengthens its position as leading glass partner among the access control system manufacturers. We currently produce glasses for the access control systems of the Dubai 2020 World Expo.

1st half of 2019: completion of new installations

The holiday period is getting closer. This is the opportunity to review this first half of 2019, to thank you for your confidence and to give you some new information about Verre Industrie.