New APU molded glass for business jet exterior light: from prototype to series

In order to change the design from a plastic to glass, Verre Industrie and its historical molding partner made the necessary technical adaptations. The drawing and tolerances were modified in agreement with the customer and the tools were remanufactured.  The first serial production parts will be delivered shortly. A fine example of customer support.

Glass front panels for medical applications, a wide range of possibilities

The medical industry uses many devices with glass front panels that offer better cleanability and chemical resistance than plastic.   This sector represents an important part of our business with about 10% of our turnover and many new projects every year.   Our experience at your service.

MCM and Verre Industrie, why are we complementary? 

Some examples of projects we have completed together:  – Tempered glass with semi-reflective coating for on-board railway surveillance camera. – Tempered anti-reflective glass with hydrophobic coating for automotive rear-view systems. – Visor glass with anti-IR treatment for fireman’s mask. – Tempered glass with anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coating for avionics screens.   All these achievements were made possible thanks to the …

Welcome Atef and My Dang

  In order to cope with a sustained activity for several months, We welcomed two new employees since the beginning of May: Atef will reinforce our screen printing team and My Dang will complete the thermal toughening department.    

New market for dashboard glass for armoured vehicles

Verre Industrie met all the optical, mechanical and EMC requirements of the project by proposing a thin laminated glass (2×1.1mm) combining anti-glare treatment, chemical tempering and conductive glass. It is also the listening to the customer and the respect of the target price that allowed us to win this project of several hundreds of pieces.

Gorilla® Glass, the XXL thin glass

Gorilla® Glass is the only thin aluminosilicate glass on the market available in large sheets. It enables Verre Industrie to manufacture large parts for the aeronautics and electronics industries (screen protection). We are increasingly being asked to produce special projects in the automotive and marine sectors. When is your next Gorilla® Glass project?  

In 2023 Verre Industrie celebrates its 70th anniversary! Grow together

Since its creation and until the 2010s, Verre Industrie remained a small business with around 20 employees. Subsequently, the development of new markets in electronics and transport in France and abroad allowed us to grow much faster with building extensions and investments in machinery. Verre Industrie now has 50 employees and a unique machine park in France. We have retained …

Moulded lens for aircraft exterior lighting

As part of the optimization of aircraft exterior lighting, plastic lenses are to be replaced by moulded glass lenses for better thermal and mechanical resistance. Verre Industrie supplies a moulded blank and carries out the mechanical finishing to ensure a perfect seal. We supply aeronautical equipment manufacturers with lenses mounted on Airbus, Dassault and Bombardier aircraft.

The “Fred & Fred” moulded lens, a success story

This uniquely designed lens, for which Verre Industrie acquired the patent in 2018, has been used in numerous lighting projects. We can adapt its shape to your lighting for unique effects. Check out some examples in the attached photos.