D-13: the glass is on TV

Arte recently released a film: “Xenius – Glass: an innovative building material” on the techniques of manufacturing and testing glass. The topics covered are: – Glass and building – The tests – Thin glass and flexural strength – The composition of the glass and the manufacturing – Screen protection – Multiple glazing – Various properties – The resistance of glass …

Tempering, the guarantee of the mechanical strength of your product.

Verre Industrie has a long experience in thermal and chemical toughening on small to medium sized glass parts.   We tempered according to the common standards (for example EN 12 150, EN 60 598, NFF 31 129 or R43).   We carry out type and serial tests.   By specific constraints we adapt the tempering parameters to achieve and verify …

Verre Industrie, a player in intelligent mobility

New means of urban mobility are incorporating more and more intelligent technologies with a screen (touchscreen or not) protected by high-resistance glass.   Voltaire bikes trust Verre Industrie for the production of its Gorilla Glass screen protection glasses.   https://verreindustrie.fr    

Anti-fingerprint treatment

The development of touch applications in the current health context is prompting more and more manufacturers to offer additional protection against fingerprints. Verre Industrie offers various solutions on: – anti-reflective glass (type VIC with DARO treatment) – anti-glare glass (LSVID type) – thin glass (float & Gorilla Glass)   Entrust us with your projects and discover our solutions.   https://verreindustrie.fr

A complete range of glasses for lighting

-Float glass -Extra clear glass -Anti-reflective glass -Frosted and patterned glasses -Colored glass (dichroic and mass tinted) -Molded glass -Fred & Fred lenses -Color conversion filters -Optical filters -Optical mirrors   Examples of applications: exterior and interior lighting, explosion-proof lighting, headlight protection (train, tram and aircraft), aircraft interior fittings (cockpit and cabin) etc …   https://verreindustrie.fr    

Welcome to Delphine

Parity is not an empty word for Verre Industrie. Delphine joined our company as Team Leader. We expect from her experiences in the industry an overall improvement in the functioning of the production teams. A further step towards parity. Delphine (Team Leader 2) on the left and Claire (Team Leader 1) with Cyril Offredi, Technical Director.    https://verreindustrie.fr    

Improve your carbon footprint by promoting French production

Verre Industrie has all the technical equipment to ensure qualitative and competitive production in its factory located in Marne-la-Vallée (Paris – France). Our flexibility allows you to meet your needs from small to large series for technical glasses of all sizes.   https://verreindustrie.fr  

AMTRAK “Avelia Liberty”: Yes We Can

On future high-speed trains from Boston to Washington, Verre Industrie will supply the protective glass for the passenger information systems.   https://verreindustrie.fr/