Hydrophobic treatment

Water runoff on the glass parts of your outdoor devices disrupts their operation. The use of your cameras, screens and touch surfaces will be improved by a hydrophobic treatment. A Verre Industrie solution. https://verreindustrie.fr


Verre industrie does distribute the main glass and polymer optical filters and does process them. Discover our newsletter https://mailchi.mp/7b41c6c708fc/filtres-optiques-distribution-et-transformation-optical-filters-distribution-and-process

Meeting with the Managing Director of Optical Filters UK

Meeting with the Managing Director of Optical Filters UK Robert Rickman discovered our new facilities, a privileged moment of exchange on the intensification of our industrial and commercial relations. https://verreindustrie.fr

Verre Industrie fights against MSDs

Concerned about the well-being of its employees, Verre Industrie has entrusted ERGO SYNERGIE with a mission to study and prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders. Thanks to Laurent El Medioni, our ergonomist for his intervention. http://ergo-synergie.fr/