Glass machining: a necessity to ensure high mechanical performance

Specialized in the machining of glass for more than 25 years, Verre Industrie performs precision machining on parts of all sizes. Professional machining combined with quality tempering ensures that the part has mechanical performance that meets your expectations. With 12 machining centers, Verre Industrie is a leader in its field in France and Europe.

Welcome to Eulalie, our new quality facilitator

Drawing on her experience acquired with an automotive equipment manufacturer, she strengthens the quality team. Its action will be focused on controls during production and support for operators to improve rigor and compliance with procedures.

Moulded glass solutions for lighting lenses

How to combine glass molding with wide tolerances with precise mechanical interlocking constraints? Verre Industrie has the solution: partnerships with molders specializing in small series and mastery of the machining of shaped parts. Thanks to our new vertical tempering equipment, we are able to offer mechanical reinforcement of your parts. Entrust us with your projects!

Fused silica / quartz: high-performance solutions in the UV and infrared range.

Verre Industrie supplies this product flat or in tube, known for: – its excellent transmission in the UV range. – its very high thermal resistance (up to 1300 ° C) – its excellent transmission in the infrared range. Thicknesses, diameters and finishing on request.   Entrust us with your projects

Portrait of the month: Iza, the eye of Verre Industrie

Our customers are increasingly sensitive to appearance criteria, and the quality of final inspection is essential. After holding several positions in production, Iza has been a pillar of the Control Room team for several years. She makes sure that the glasses shipped comply with current standards and our customers’ cosmetic requirements. Thank you Iza for your constant commitment.

Summer vacation 2024

For this year, Verre Industrie is basing its summer holidays on the dates of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. We will be closed from Friday July 26, and resume on Monday August 19.

Increased machining capacity

Verre Industrie starts up a new machining center for small parts to complement the two machines that arrived in February 2024. With a 30% increase in machining capacity this year, we are responding positively to growing customer demand. With a precision superior to that of the mirror machines, it will enable us to cover a wider range of needs.   …

Deployment of new RER E suburban trains in Paris area, Verre Industrie on board

In these new trains, the passenger information and video surveillance systems are protected by high-strength “Verre Industrie” glass.  In the driver’s area, on-board instrument screens are protected by our LSVID anti-glare glass, whose optical qualities have made it a standard in the rail industry.   Découvrez le nouveau RER E en vidéo :

Welcome to Christian Xavier, our new Production Manager

He will be assisting our Technical Director Cyril Offredi, ensuring that production runs smoothly, both in terms of deadlines and quality. We’re counting on his experience of production management in the medical sector to bring improvements to the many processes implemented at Verre Industrie.  

Verre Industrie solutions for the defense sector

As the EUROSATORY trade show will start on June 17, 2024 in Paris, we would like to remind you of our glass production possibilities for military applications, in particular for :  – defense electronics – audio and video systems – armored glass – lighting systems – sight glasses – NVIS filters – indicators and buttons – etc. We offer glass …