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Anti-glare glass: an antibacterial solution

Only glass enables effective disinfection against COVID-19, by resisting the chemical agents recommended in the fight against the virus. However, the flat surface of the transparent glass does not block bacteria enough and requires frequent cleaning. The micro etching of the anti-glare glass prevents the development of bacteria which can’t develop and die. Contact us to discover our range of …

New trams for the city of Frankfurt

Alstom selected Verre Industrie for the supply of protection glasses for the passenger information system. A new success for the LSVID anti-glare glass which demonstrates its excellent optical performance. Little by little the LSVID anti-glare glass from Verre Industrie becomes the standard in on-board electronics for transportation system  

Laminating and chemically strengthened glass

The combination of chemically reinforced glass and laminated glass produces parts that are lighter, thinner and more resistant than conventional laminated glass.   It is possible to combine glasses of different types and thickness.   Some examples : interior train door : 3 + 3mm glass for dashboard of armored vehicle : 1,1mm (ITO) + 1,1mm (anti-glare) Protective glass for …


The INNOTRANS fair originally scheduled for September 2020 has been postponed from April 27 to 30, 2021. We will be more than ever present at this essential meeting of professionals from the railway world.     

COVID-19 crisis: How to meet new health requirements

The COVID-19 crisis has enabled the development of new products in many fields: medical, access control, disinfection equipment, fitting for offices and buildings establishments open to the public. Verre Industrie knew how to find the technical answers to each requirement and is proud to participate to this effort “made in France”.     

Cutting of flat glass in complex shape

Designs require more and more original shapes. Our new equipment allows complex shape cutting on glass from 0.5 to 8mm thickness, and thus optimizes subsequent machining.    

Production stories – episode n ° 9:molded glass

Verre industrie does offer small size moulded glasses, relying on historical partners.   We ensure the development, the production of a pre-series allowing to validate the mould, the finishing and the control.   Whatever the quantity needed for your project, Verre Industrie is there for you.   Discover our newsletter: “Production stories – episode n ° 9:molded glass ” …

Aeronautical lighting

For the largest equipment manufacturers in the aeronautical industry,    Verre Industrie manufactures glasses for interior and exterior lighting of aircrafts: baggage compartment lighting, cockpit lighting, reading light, landing light and signal light).