Production stories – episode n ° 9:molded glass

Verre industrie does offer small size moulded glasses, relying on historical partners.   We ensure the development, the production of a pre-series allowing to validate the mould, the finishing and the control.   Whatever the quantity needed for your project, Verre Industrie is there for you.   Discover our newsletter: “Production stories – episode n ° 9:molded glass ” …

Aeronautical lighting

For the largest equipment manufacturers in the aeronautical industry,    Verre Industrie manufactures glasses for interior and exterior lighting of aircrafts: baggage compartment lighting, cockpit lighting, reading light, landing light and signal light).  

Evolution of the IQ0908E standard

This standard for the control of screen protection glasses and touch panels is evolving to take into account the new cosmetic requirements of our customers. We will inform you more precisely in the near future.   Click here to download PDF :    

Chemical strengthening

The demand for contract toughening is growing. Verre Industrie has two chemical strengthening furnaces:   Furnace nr-1 maximum size: 680*420 mm from 0.5mm thickness in compliance with the standards Furnace nr-2 maximum size: 2200*1300 mm. from 0.5mm thickness   Send us the glasses you can’t toughen on your own.      

COVID-19 Verre Industrie Information: re-start of production

Dear customers, dear suppliers,   We are happy to announce that our production will re-start on Monday April 6, 2020. We have taken all sanitary and organizational measures to ensure the safety of our teams. Some of our customers in the medical sector have asked us to deliver urgently because of the current situation, so we will treat their orders …