Technical advice is our priority

Based on your technical requirements, we propose all possible solutions. To ease your choice, we keep samples of our glass range in 150X100 mm size.  

Are you looking for a solution for your molded glasses in small and medium series ?

Verre Industrie has molding partners for small-sized glasses in small and medium series, in borosilicate and soda-lime glass, clear and colored. Our machining know-how allows the completion of complex shapes.   Thanks to our partner MCM, we also provide additional service: – thermal toughening – dichroic coating – mirror coating.

New project for CAF in Mexico

Verre Industrie has been selected to supply chemically toughened glass components to protect the headlights of intercity trains on the Mexico-Toluca line. This is the second rail project recently won by Verre Industrie in the fast-growing Mexican market.

Verre Industrie is increasingly establishing itself in the urban transport sector

The buses recently put into service in Saint-Etienne required glasses produced by Verre Industrie for: – Dashboard – Board computer – Rearview camera – Anti-aggression door glass – Glass for passenger information system. Each product being subject to different technical constraints, we have been able to find solutions adapted to each case.  

What are the new capabilities of Verre Industrie and MCM in the field of airport lighting ?

The merger between our two companies allows us to offer comprehensive services including: – prisms, verrines and lenses in clear and colored molded glass – thermal toughening – reflective coating – colored dichroic treatment – supply and bonding of sapphire protection – front surface mirrors – protective glasses.   We ensure mass production and supply of spare parts.

Glasses for machines and control systems

Whether it is control by camera, scanner or projection, Verre Industrie notably supplies protective glass, glass supports, front surface mirrors and glass for control interfaces. Depending on your specifications, we will be able to advise you on the glass adapted to your constraints.

Verre Industrie positions itself on the Tren Maya railway project in Mexico

This strategic program for Alstom aims to connect the main tourist destinations of the Yucatan Peninsula and in particular Cancún. Verre Industrie was selected for tinted tempered laminated side glass installed on the driver’s door. The qualification and gravelling tests having been successfully completed, we are delivering the first series parts.   Thanks to Alstom for its renewed confidence.   …

Glass for bus gates, a solution that is becoming widespread

This window protects the bus driver from physical attacks and potential contamination. Verre Industrie supplies this glass mainly in its anti-reflective version, which offers additional comfort to drivers: excellent light transmission and absence of reflection.  

Increased processing capacity at MCM

  With the acquisition of Corning’s airfield lighting business, MCM now has 4 vacuum coating equipment, doubling its capacity. A new ultrasonic cleaning line was also put into operation. Let’s talk about your projects.