“Seen on TV.” COVID testing kiosk in major train stations in France

For this project, Verre Industrie is the supplier of the front glass of this remote temperature measurement device. A “Made in France” realization in a very short time. Glass was the best technical choice for its resistance to chemical agents and very frequent cleaning.   https://verreindustrie.fr    

Glass vs plastic, what to choose?  

In these pandemic times, the tendency to protect public spaces, shops or workplaces leads us to make arrangements for distance and thus to make choices of materials. There are both plastic and glass solutions. Furthermore, in many industrial applications, the choice of glass or plastic is sometimes difficult depending on the constraints related to the product or its environment of …

New screen printing machine

Verre Industrie expands its printing equipment with a large screen printing table (2500x1400mm). This additional machine adjusts perfectly to our maximum thermal and chemical tempering capacities, allowing the production of 100% MADE IN VERRE INDUSTRIE parts.   https://verreindustrie.fr    

Precision glass processing

  As mechanical assemblies are becoming more and more precise, the tolerances required for the glasses mean that the parts must be processed on a CNC machining center. Verre Industrie is able to meet tolerances from +/- 0.05mm.   Our machine park allows the machining of very small parts (from 5x5mm) up to around 2500x1500mm from 0.5mm thickness with all …

For a successful recovery

Verre Industrie does support you during this recovery period. We have set up an organization allowing us to quickly adjust our production capacity. Entrust us with your short-term projects, or anticipate your september needs.   https://verreindustrie.fr    

Restart of activity in the building sector

The manufacturing of glass pieces for lighting is picking up pace at Verre Industrie. We support you in all your interior and exterior lighting projects thanks to a wide range of glass. Realization of all shapes on request for special projects and mass production.   https://verreindustrie.fr  

Glass according to standard R43 for road vehicles

Verre Industrie has R43 approval for tempered glass for all common thicknesses in the production of glass for buses, ambulances, hearses, motorhomes, vans, special vehicles, airport tractors, trams, touristics trains, cranes and cabins etc….   https://verreindustrie.fr    

Summer Holidays 2020 Verre Industrie

Verre Industrie will be closed from 3rd to 21rst of August. In order to ensure the continuity of your production, please let us know your needs and forecasts.   https://verreindustrie.fr