Anti-reflective glass, a growing success in the lighting industry

VIC anti-reflective glass from Verre Industrie, thanks to its 99% transmission, improves the efficiency of the luminous flux of your lighting systems. The 8% gain (compared to glass without anti-reflective coating) enables to optimize the number of light sources.   

Borofloat®, the reference for borosilicate glass

Borofloat® has a low coefficient of expansion. It shows excellent thermal (up to 500°), mechanical and chemical attack resistance. With very high transmission in the visible spectrum (T>90%), Borofloat® also has a very high level of transparency and remains practically colorless. Verre Industrie does process Borofloat® in all its shapes and in all common thicknesses.   

Increased capacities thanks to our new bending furnace

This new equipment now allows us to bend up to dimensions of approximately 2200 X 1200 mm, for applications in the following areas: – Lighting – Electronics – Aeronautics – Railway – Automotive – Building/architecture   To find out more about bending, click on our newsletter:  

In the Human-Machine interface, glass is an essential component

Verre Industrie puts its know-how at your service for the design and production of screen protection glasses, glasses for touch screens and glasses for surveillance systems according to your specifications. For your projects, we take into account your specific constraints of use and environment to best protect your products and their users. Thanks to our wide range (anti-reflective, anti-glare, extra …

Grey LSVID glass available again

This anti-glare glass on a 4mm thick grey glass base improves reading comfort and screen contrast. It is particularly suitable for LED screens and for dark environments.   LSVIDG glass is a Verre Industrie’s exclusivity.   

Glass machining: a necessity to ensure high mechanical performance

Specialized in the machining of glass for more than 20 years, Verre Industrie performs precision machining on parts of all sizes. Precision machining combined with quality toughening ensure the part’s mechanical performance meets standards. With a fleet of 9 machining centers, Verre Industrie is the leader in its field in France.   

Thinner, lighter and more resistant protective glasses

Thin aluminosilicate glass Gorilla® Glass makes it possible to manufacture screen protection glasses and tactile interfaces with unequaled mechanical performance: – High impact and bending resistance – Scratch resistance far superior to plastic. – Optimized weight – Reduced thickness. Verre Industrie provides you with transformed glasses (machined, curved, screen-printed) in thicknesses of 0.7, 1.1 and 1.5 mm. Each project has …

Supply of glasses for rolling stock: the specific position of Verre Industrie

For road transportation, Verre Industrie is positioned in addition to the large glass processors that supply windscreens and side windows. Our company supplies technical glass for interior and exterior equipment of road vehicles. -Glass for drivers safety doors -Protective glass for instrument panel -Interior design glass -Protective glass for camera -Protective glass for passenger information system -Glass for ticket composter …