Merry Christmas

Verre Industrie wishes you a merry Christmas    

A level of activity recovered in 2021

We are happy to close 2021 with almost the same turnover as 2019. At the height of the COVID crisis, we chose to keep jobs. A strategy that has proven to be successful as the economy recovered. We would particularly like to thank all our customers for their trust and our employees for their involvement.    

French design in the spotlight

The French company Delabie wins the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 for a flush control plate. Verre Industrie is proud to have been chosen for the production of the front glass machined, printed and tempered.    

New team members for our CNC machines

To cope with the sustained activity in glass machining, Sandra and Guillaume recently joined Verre Industrie. Their training is underway for a rapid and successful integration.   Welcome Sandra and Guillaume.  

End of year closure

Verre Industrie will be closed from December 24 to January 2 inclusive. Shipments and receptions of goods will stop on December 22.  

Verre Industrie, an eco-responsible company.

Thanks to selective sorting at all stages of production, Verre Industrie will this year reinject 78 tons of glass into the recycled glass circuit.  

Gorilla® Glass, a glass with exceptional properties

Chemical strengthening does reinforce Gorilla Glass to achieve unmatched mechanical performance and scratch resistance far superior to plastic. Gorilla Glass, the durable solution for your projects with weight constraints.