New bending furnace

To face growing demand on curved glass, Verre industrie is setting up a new bending equipment to double its capacity. The oven is already operational and we are at your disposal for any new request.    

Hydrophobic treatment

Water runoff on the glass parts of your outdoor devices disrupts their operation. The use of your cameras, screens and touch surfaces will be improved by a hydrophobic treatment.  A Verre Industrie solution.  

Heated glass for camera protection

For outdoor camera markets with operating constraints at -40 ° C, Verre Industrie supplies protective glasses with conductive treatment and suitable connectors. We offer custom-made solutions with a range of coated glass (conductive, anti-reflective, hydrophobic, …) or uncoated.  

Supply of pre-assembled glass with gluing service

For a new market, Verre Industrie carries out pre-assembly by gluing a plastic element on the glass manufactured in our workshops. A new competence in the additional services that we offer to our customers.    

Success for retrovision

Rear view camera systems are very successful in the world of road transport. We have just passed the milestone of 10,000 pieces delivered in tempered glass with anti-reflective and hydrophobic coating. From 2022, the quantities are set to increase sharply and consolidate the leading position of Verre Industrie in the production of small-sized glass parts.