Summer closure Verre Industrie

Verre Industrie will be closed from August 6 to 21, 2022. We wish you a great holiday in advance.   

Custom made sight-glass

Verre Industrie meets your needs thanks to its very complete stock of raw materials (tempered glass, borofloat, pyrex®, quartz, silica). We produce all sizes, all thicknesses, all quantities. We comply with DIN 7080/7081 and 8902/8903 standards. Depending on your thermal and mechanical requirements, we can advise you on the glass best suited to your needs and certify its resistance to …

Summer barbecue at Verre Industrie

After 6 months of effort and intensive work, the organization of a barbecue with all the staff is an opportunity for a friendly break before the summer holidays. We remind you that Verre Industrie will be closed from August 6 to 21, 2022.

Made in France: let’s make it real!

Industrial relocation has been observed in the last two years among our European neighbors and is creating a virtuous dynamic. If you are considering this approach in France and need to relocate your supply of glass parts, contact us to ensure an optimal transition.   

How to improve the sunlight readability of a display?

Verre Industrie offers different solutions depending on your mechanical and optical requirements. Optical Bonding consists in injecting on an optical resin that fills the air gap between the screen and the protective glass and thus avoids refraction of light. For solutions where the glass is not in contact with the screen, Verre Industrie offers solutions with anti-reflective and anti-infrared filters. …

Lighting and decoration: Verre Industrie solutions in colored glass

We stock a wide variety of mass-tinted and dichroic glasses for your lighting and decorating projects. More than 30 standard colors on stock and we offer special colors on request. Discover our range by clicking on the link:  

Thinner, lighter and more resistant protective glasses

Thin aluminosilicate glass Gorilla® Glass makes it possible to manufacture screen protection glasses and tactile interfaces with unequaled mechanical performance: – High impact and bending resistance – Scratch resistance far superior to plastic. – Optimized weight – Reduced thickness. Verre Industrie provides you with transformed glasses (machined, curved, screen-printed) in thicknesses of 0.7, 1.1 and 1.5 mm. Each project has …

Human Machine Interface (HMI): Verre Industrie solutions for glass front panels

Each client wishes to stand out by personalizing its front face. Verre Industrie meets all demands in terms of design, shapes, colors, thicknesses and types of glass. On request, we take care of additional assembly operations (application of adhesives, mounting of TFT screens, gluing etc…).