Thin glass: thinner, lighter, stronger

Verre Industrie has the most complete range of thin glass on the market: Float, Borofloat®, Xensation®, Falcon, Gorilla®.   Our knowledge of glasses and our know-how allow us to offer the glass adapted to your needs.   We have a solution for each project.

Successful renewal of ISO 9001-V2015 certification

We passed our ISO 9001-V2015 renewal audit in July. No discrepancies were noted, confirming the robustness of our system. Several relevant opportunities for improvement were proposed. We will implement them very soon.   We would like to thank all our teams for their daily involvement in meeting the requirements of these standards.

We are back

Our production restarts today. The whole team is in the best possible position to respond to your requests.   We wish you a good back to work.

Production history Verre Industrie: screen printing

Screen printing is a technology of printing on different media through a silk or nylon stencil stretched on a frame. The pattern printed in negative on the stencil is transferred in positive on the support. This is a technique commonly used on glass.   For more information click on our link: 

Hydrophobic / oleophobic coating

The runoff of water on the glasses of your devices installed outdoors disrupts their operation. The hydrophobic coating responds to this constraint and improves the efficiency of cameras, screens, etc. For touch screens, the oleophobic coating limits fingerprints, reduces cleaning frequency and improves hygiene. Verre Industrie offers these coatings in addition to our glass manufacturing.  

Quesako Gorilla® Glass?

Gorilla® Glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass, an alkali-aluminosilicate glass, developed and marketed by Corning specifically for the electronics market. Gorilla® achieves its strength through a chemical tempering process that replaces the sodium ions in the glass with larger potassium ions, creating more compression on the surface of the material. It is characterized by its finesse, its solidity …

Verre Industrie, partner of industrial optics professionals

We offer the supply of blanks, tools, polishing fixtures, specific optical filters and front face mirrors. We have in stock the complete range of Borofloat®, quartz, front face mirror, B270 etc… Tell us your needs.