Sight glasses : from standard to custom-made

Verre Industrie produces all types of sight glasses : -round DIN 7080, DIN 8902 -tongue-shaped DIN 7081, DIN 8903 -reflex -specific size and thickness on request  -machined with step, holes etc…  -moulded glasses Sight glasses & Standard   Application scope : chemical and pharmaceutical, nuclear, furnace, food-processing industry, thermal cameras, submarine activities, hydraulic systems, etc…

How to protect your touch interfaces against scratches?

Gorilla® Glass provides unparalleled mechanical performance and scratch resistance and durability far superior to plastic. You can add thin Gorilla® Glass from 0.7 mm thickness to your existing interfaces without retuning your panel.  

Curved glasses in the railway world

The streamlined designs of trains, metros and trams require headlight covers with complex curved shapes. Verre Industrie supplies screen-printed and chemically strengthened curved glass in small and medium series.

Verre Industrie is hiring

We are currently looking for a production operator to strengthen our team. We process a noble and ecological material, glass. If you like a well made work with Made in France label: come and join us!