Touch screen in explosion-proof environment

Explosion resistance standards require very high glass thicknesses incompatible with touch systems. Verre Industrie offers solutions adapted to the constraints of these demanding environments up to about 25 mm thickness.  

Technical advice is our priority

Based on your technical requirements, we propose all possible solutions. To ease your choice, we keep samples of our glass range in 150X100 mm size.    

Verre Industrie on the Croisette in Cannes

Find in video the realization of this original street furniture. Our client combines on the same mast, a tourist information panel protected by an anti-reflective tempered laminated glass and a projector with a Fred & Fred lens producing a unique light effect. A high-end project driven by unique and innovative solutions.  

Functional tests: the guarantee of the conformity of our glasses

We are equipped with a test bench and perform ball impact tests in accordance with standard requirements (NF F 31.129, NF F 31.250 …) and IK index checks (according to EN 50 102). We are also equipped for the optical zebra test and perform functional tests of the TFT screen as part of our assembly services.

Laminating of thin glass and small parts

Verre Industrie has a unique know-how in France for the production of laminated glass from 1+1mm with the possibility of combining different types of glass (anti-reflective, anti-glare, conductive ITO, colour,printed) starting from 50*50mm.