Collaboration with ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile

Verre Industrie has been selected to manufacture substrates for a test campaign at the ESO (European Southern Observatory) site in Chile’s Atacama Desert.   The Cerro Paranal Observatory is an astronomical observatory located at an altitude of 2,635 meters, which enables the study of stars in wavelengths ranging from the ultraviolet to the infrared.   The project comprises four 8.2-metre …

Technical glasses for aeronautics

Turbines and on-board equipment containing fluids require small windows and gauges that are resistant to chemical agents, scratches, pressure and temperature. Verre Industrie produces many variants in borofloat or silica machined with great precision.  

Technical lighting: ever more efficient glasses

Technical lighting requires ever-higher optical and mechanical performance. Verre Industrie offers a wide range of solutions for different topics:  – anti-UV glass – glass with maximum UV transmission – visible and infrared anti-reflective glass – glass for maximum infrared transmission (borofloat® and quartz/silica) – color conversion filters – customized mechanical reinforcement – etc.   Entrust us with your projects!   …

Chemical strengthening: new possibilities

Chemical strengthening doesn’t just apply to flat glass: Verre Industrie routinely strengthens curved glass from 0.5 mm thickness upwards. More recently, we have also been tempering soda-lime glass moldings and tubes for mechanical strengthening that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.   We look forward to hearing from you!

Headlight protection for railway rolling stock

In recent months, new railway glass projects have multiplied. Verre Industrie was entrusted with the manufacture of protective glass for headlights and third lights for trams and trains in various configurations : – thermally toughened flat glass – thermally tempered heated flat glass – curved chemically strengthened glass   Alstom and CAF already trust us, why not you?

In 2023 Verre Industrie celebrates its 70th anniversary! verifier titre autres news

Our desire for independence has always led us to be pioneers in our investments: – 1979: first vertical tempering furnace. – 1981: first chemical tempering furnace. – 1982: purchase of our first computer. – 1990: first machining center. – 1993: first horizontal thermal tempering furnace for 3mm thick glass. – 2002 : first semi-automatic screen printing machine.   Today, Verre …

Processing and chemical strengthening of Gorilla® Glass 3

This glass, with its impact and bending strength performance, is the perfect addition to our range. We are able to supply you with processed glass (machined, curved, screen-printed, chemically strengthened, laminated). We have 0.7, 1.1 and 1.5 mm thicknesses in stock.(other thicknesses on request)  

Thin glass, a new way to see glass

Our website is evolving with a new page about our thin glass capabilities. Click here to find out more: