Verre Industrie and the Fred & Fred lens: an innovative collaboration to rethink lighting

Verre Industrie, experts in glass processing, and Fred & Fred, designers of the eponymous optical lens, offer unique lighting solutions for an aesthetic, modern and high-performance result.


The molded glass lens adapts to standard spotlights, providing diffused, homogeneous light with no halo or streak effect. This patented technology makes it possible to create unprecedented lighting ambiences, both soft and enveloping.


These solutions meet the needs of various sectors:


– Architecture: interior and exterior lighting, illuminated facades, etc.

– Museography: highlighting works of art, exhibition scenography, etc.

– Events: creation of lighting atmospheres for private or public events, etc.

– Scenography: theaters, operas, concerts, etc.


Lighting architects and manufacturers: consult us for your projects.


Project information :

Location: Porche, Epinay-sur-Seine

Lighting designer: Agence ON

Photographer: ©JulienFalsimagne

Manufacturer: iGuzzini

Optical lens distributor/processor: @verreindustrie

Technical development: @frenchlight Frédéric GERVAIS