-Float glass

-Extra-clear glass

-Anti-reflective glass

-Low-sparkling anti-glare 

-Conductive glass (ITO, SnO2, Mesh)

-Thin float glass

-Thin aluminosilicate glass (Xensation, Gorilla® , Falcon…)

-Semi-reflective glass

-Front surface mirrors


Possibility of combining treatments and adding an anti-fingerprint






Thanks to a very large stock of raw material, Verre Industrie is able to answer any size and thickness you may need. Depending on your thermal and mechanical needs we lead you to the glass type that fits to your requirement, and we certify its pressure resistance.




Screen printing: vitrified or epoxy?

Verre Industrie offers two types of screen printing.

Enamelled screen printing is unalterable because the ink is vitrified at 650°C when the glass is tempered, from 3 mm thickness.

The epoxy screen printing (or bi-component) allows to have a greater number of colors and to reach a great fineness of the patterns on all the thicknesses of glass, from 0.55 mm thickness.




Newsletter: Glasses for passenger information

When we are in a train station, airport, shopping center or public building, we are keen to find information about our movements very quickly. These public places have developed various information systems in the form of screens, terminals, readers or scanners as well as entertainment and advertising systems.

Verre Industrie has supported these developments by offering standard and tailor-made solutions linked to the various device constraints: quality of vision, protection against impact and vandalism, ease of use by touch, protection against the sun, etc.




Access control: glass as a hygienic solution

In sensitive environments, glass control interfaces are particularly recommended for their ease of cleaning, their resistance to chemical agents, shocks, scratches and bending.

Verre Industrie offers you a personalized production from 0.55mm thick, machined and screen-printed.




Borosilicate glass and 3D printing

3D printing generates large amounts of heat, which requires a high thermal resistance borosilicate glass bed withstanding repeated stress. It is perfectly resistant to chemical agents.

Verre Industrie provides you with tailor-made borosilicate glass trays.

We keep the most commonly used thicknesses in permanent stock.




Surveillance camera in the railway

For the Docklands Underground project in London, the manufacturer is replacing all the protective plastic for the camera with stepped and tempered glass with high scratch resistance. A Verre Industrie success.

A further reference to the long list of rolling stock equipped with camera protection produced by Verre Industrie.

Glass, a qualitative protection solution.