In 2023 Verre Industrie celebrates its 70th anniversary!

From Pyrex® to Borofloat®.


Since the mid-1960s, Verre Industrie has been processing borosilicate glass, originally under the Pyrex® brand and now under the Borofloat® name.

Today, it is used in particular in pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, the construction of furnaces, aeronautics or optics.

Borofloat® has a low coefficient of expansion.

It is distinguished by excellent resistance

– thermal (up to 500°)

– mechanical

– chemical attacks.

Practically without absorption in the visible spectrum (T>90%) and the infrared, Borofloat® has a very high level of transparency and remains practically colorless.

Verre Industrie does process Borofloat® in all its forms and in all common thicknesses.